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Experience the joy of our handmade, filled EdelBites, the perfect blend of taste, convenience, and nutriment.

Our Story

Once upon a time, nestled in the heart of Austria, Angelika and Christoph were united by a shared love for the Austrian "Kasnudel". Together, they embarked on an ambitious journey to reimagine it, not merely as the ultimate comfort food, but as a culinary revolution. This shared dream gave birth to EdelBites.

Today, EdelBites stands testament to their vision. We have taken the concept from its Austrian roots and reimagined it in its entirety, creating an experience that’s fresh yet familiar. By infusing global flavors into filled EdelBites, we offer more variety for more people.

Welcome to EdelBites. Together, we make every bite a celebration of diversity, unity, and the timeless tradition of sharing food.

Our Product

Curious about the history of the original EdelBites, the Austrian "Kasnudel"?

It dates back to 1485, a time when nature's fury, wars, and rebellions were commonplace. Like other regions of the world, Austrians faced periods of hunger. To feed their families, they used their ingenuity and combined readily available, nutritious ingredients like wheat or spelt, fresh herbs, special mint from the alps, earthy potatoes, and Austrian curd cheese. They created the quintessential Austrian “Kasnudel” as a versatile cornerstone that added life to both savoury and sweet filled EdelBites. Austrian curd cheese is very rich in protein, calcium, and other essential nutrients, making it a nutritious hug wrapped in a flavorful package.

Over the centuries, changes in seasons, terrain, and culinary influences have created a treasure trove of flavors, some of which have become legends beyond Austria's borders.

Now, with EdelBites, we aim to create a new culinary experience by infusing global flavors that each culture loves. We want to transcend borders, connect people through shared experiences, and cultural exchange. EdelBites are the ultimate comfort food and a cultural envelope that celebrates diversity and brings people together.

Your Dish

EdelBites modern twist offers flavorful comfort food that make your culinary journey an enriching experience.

Whether you’re enjoying EdelBites on the go, for lunch or share them with friends and family – it’s a fresh, high-quality and nutritious alternative to everyday meals.

Each EdelBites is handmade with 100% natural ingredients, so natural, that we not only list each ingredients but also our suppliers in full transparency. People are shaping the dough and mixing the fillings based on the world's most favorite flavors with love and passion you can taste with every bite.

Tip: If too filling, you can keep your pasta hats during the day and simply warm them up again for a unique snack experience.

Discover The Finest Ingredients Of Our Edelbites

At EdelBites, we've ingrained the use of only the highest quality and most nutritious ingredients into our core philosophy. Each ingredient is 100% natural and carefully selected to ensure freshness and flavor, guaranteeing a delightful culinary experience with every bite.

Part of this philosophy is also to be fully transparent about each of EdelBites' ingredient. As we believe in "You are what you eat", you can discover all ingredients for each flavor, even trace back their origins, right here.

Happy Customers

Hear what our customers have to say about EdelBites

Edelbites' pasta dumplings are delicious pockets packed with surprising flavours. The lasagna and bacon ones are my favourites. They’re the best the Alps have to offer wrapped in a thin layer of yummy juicy dough.



Finally a healthy and delicious filling for pasta dumplings. And the packaging is amazing. Love the porcino ones!



Definitely try those Austrian pasta dumplings - lot of great flavors to discover and fast delivery!



At first I was skeptic and didn't now what to expect, but the spinach and lasagna ones are sooooo delicious!



Edelbites are so tasty, mouthwatering good and the taste buds wanting more where they came from! The flavours where to die for and the favourites where the cheese and prosciutto ones – just delicious!



It just tastes great, could eat it every day!