Sell EdelBites through your food service

For caterers, bars, restaurants, canteens or any other hospitality service, EdelBites are the ideal food to serve your customers.

The Ideal Choice for Your Food Service

Introduce EdelBites to your menu and offer your customers a delightful snack or meal that is not only tasty and healthy but also affordable and convenient.

- Crafted by hand using only 100% natural ingredients, free from artificial additives and supplements.
- A diverse range of over 15 popular flavors, including meat, vegetarian, and vegan options, in both savory and sweet varieties.
- Nutrient-rich with an optimal calorie count, enhancing the health appeal of your menu.
- Easy and quick preparation, ready in just 10 minutes without the need for a chef to be served immediately.
- Minimized food waste, helping to reduce variable costs and promote sustainability.

Streamlined, Tasty, and Convenient

EdelBites are exclusively available for direct purchase with the convenience of next-day delivery. For wholesale purchasing options, please contact us directly.

Simple to prepare, pasta hats can be ready in just 10 minutes by steaming or boiling in your existing kitchen. Enhance your service with our bespoke, customer-facing steamer, available for purchase or rent. This equipment ensures that EdelBites are always fresh and readily available, particularly during busy hours.

Our service is currently operational in the Netherlands, and we offer an optional host-kitchen setup to optimize EdelBites integration into your menu.

We are dedicated to supporting you. Whether through email, WhatsApp, or phone, our team is always ready to assist. Send us an inquiry for a personalized offer.

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Natural ingredients only

(including full transparency)

Comfort food

(with 16 different flavours)

Ready in 10min

(various recipes)

Happy Customers

Hear what our customers have to say about EdelBites

Edelbites' pasta dumplings are delicious pockets packed with surprising flavours. The lasagna and bacon ones are my favourites. They’re the best the Alps have to offer wrapped in a thin layer of yummy juicy dough.



Finally a healthy and delicious filling for pasta dumplings. And the packaging is amazing. Love the porcino ones!



Definitely try those Austrian pasta dumplings - lot of great flavors to discover and fast delivery!



At first I was skeptic and didn't now what to expect, but the spinach and lasagna ones are sooooo delicious!



Edelbites are so tasty, mouthwatering good and the taste buds wanting more where they came from! The flavours where to die for and the favourites where the cheese and prosciutto ones – just delicious!



It just tastes great, could eat it every day!