How to prepare your EdelBites at home

A quick guide to preparing and serving the EdelBites.

Filled EdelBites - From Freezer to Feast

Product Information

Our filled EdelBites come pre-cooked, ready to be prepared straight from the freezer.

Preparation Methods
Using a Steamer (Easiest & Gentlest Method):
  • Operate your steamer as per its instructions for about 10-12 minutes at maximum heat (+100°C).
Steaming in a Pot:
  • Bring a pot of water to a boil. Place a sieve inside, cover with a lid, and reduce to a simmer.
  • Gently place the frozen EdelBites into the sieve, re-cover with the lid, and steam for 15 minutes.
Boiling in a Pot:
  • Submerge the EdelBites in hot, slightly salted water (not boiling) for about 15 minutes.
In the Microwave (Quickest Method):
  • Moisten each EdelBites with 2-4 tablespoons of water.
  • Heat at 600 watts for 4-5 minutes, flipping halfway through the cooking time.

Preparation Options for a Crispy Finish

In the Pan

Post-cooking, pan-fry the EdelBites in butter or vegetable oil over medium heat until they turn golden brown, flipping regularly. Enhance the flavor by serving with melted butter, margarine, or a drizzle of olive oil.

In the Air Fryer

Cook the EdelBites for 10-12 minutes at 190°C. Turn them as needed for even cooking.

Serving Instructions for a flavorful drizzle
Brown Butter/Hot Margarine (Vegan) / Olive Oil

Heat the butter or margarine in a small pot until it starts boiling or microwave it for 30-60 seconds, then pour over the EdelBites.

Garnishing Options
For Savoury EdelBites

Garnish with finely chopped fresh chives, dried chili flakes, Parmesan flakes, or roasted bacon.

For Sweet EdelBites

Dust with fine sugar and add garnishes like nuts, chocolate sauce, cinnamon powder, agave syrup, or sugar crumbs for a personalized touch.

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