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Tomato Hats

Tomato - Mozzarella

Savour the timeless embrace of tomato and mozzarella, harmonized with traditional herbs. An ode to enduring charm!


Curd, rocket salade, parmesan, potatoes, sour cream, (wheat flour), (eggs)

Tomatoes, mozzarella, potatoes, Italian herbs, (wheat flour, eggs, salt/pepper, water, cooking oils)

Gluten, eggs, milk

Per piece: 102.5 kcal

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Each dumpling is crafted with the finest ingredients and bursting with mouthwatering taste.

by Biobote, delivery service for regional products (Austria)

by Metro, (EU)

by Pichler, regional farm (Austria)

by Good Mills Austria (Austria)

by Wieser, egg farm (Austria)